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Superior Over Inferior

Superior Over Inferior

Paul Bothner Music saves Amy April’s guitar lessons by trading in her inferior guitar, purchased at a non-music store for a brand new Cort Guitar.

Amy was told that if she does not get a guitar that stays in tune, for her guitar lessons, she might not be able to continue studying with that tutor. Her mother e-mailed Paul Bothner Music, asking if we could help her solve her problem. Paul Bothner Music automatically jumped at the opportunity, as this is a common problem which the general public has, when purchasing a first guitar, bass, keyboard, or public address system and so on.

Non-music stores selling no-name brand musical instruments, often mislead the public in thinking that their products are industry standard but they are not! We all know that the economic state is not helping this situation. Paul Bothner Music is well aware of this. However it’s better to save a little and visit a professional Music Instrument Shop and get the right advice and instrument for your needs, thus saving you time and money, while building a long standing relationship between you, the salesperson and the company.

Situations like these arise everyday, and it’s sad to see money being thrown away for a passion to play music, while purchasing an inferior quality and brand of instrument. Paul Bothner Music fights this uphill battle everyday and it’s time to put a stop to it, by telling the general public this story.

Darren Sheldon (Paul Bothner Music) left, Amy April right.

*“More then a year ago I bought a guitar at Cash C********s. It was a Christmas gift for my 11 year old daughter. I didn’t know anything about music instruments only that it can make different sounds. Three months ago I send her for guitar lessons and she enjoyed the lessons and music she played but the music tutor never used her guitar because of the bad sound and it never stayed in tune. She got frustrated practising at home and soon lost interest playing.

I then decided to email some music shops for more information on different guitars and sounds. I got a first day respond from Paul Brothner music shop in Claremont. They were most helpful helping me to selecting a guitar for her and discussed which kind of guitar she needs and I thought a guitar is a guitar lol.

The first time she got a new guitar her face lid up. Even I that don’t know anything about music instruments could hear the crystal clear sound that came out of it. Wow! My daughter Amy now recognize what she plays and is motivated to practise. This is an awesome feeling as I struggled to get her motivated before. She is now consistent with her practising and that makes me so happy.”

*written statement by Natasha April

E-mail statement by Natasha April